The Story: A charming lawyer falls for a power hungry socialite who helps him into politics, but her sex games and dark past threaten to ruin his success…until the only way out is murder.

  • Genre:Noir Erotic Thriller 
  • Budget:£8,000,000 
  • Script:By Sina Bowyer 
  • Status: In Development and seeking investors 
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The Contessa (formerly titled Wedding Heist)

The Story: A bad boy charmer and his Burlesque dancer girlfriend plan to steal a diamond necklace known as the “Contessa”, to fund his surgery and their wedding…but to succeed, their love must be strong enough to quell a five generation curse.

  • Genre:Crime Romance
  • Location: New Mexico (USA), Mexico
  • Budget:$9,000,000
  • Script:By Sina Bowyer
  • Status: In development, seeking US co-producers and a director
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White Royal

The Story: female scientist breeds cybermoths for MI6 which unreliably self-destruct; so when the English crown prince and his Saudi fiancée are kidnapped, the discredited scientist vanishes with her “bugs” to the Middle East to find them, using YouTube to expose top level lies.

  • Genre:Action thriller 
  • Location: London and the Middle East 
  • Budget:$18,000.000 (cast dependent) 
  • Script:By Sina Bowyer 
  • Status: Seeking co-producers and a director 
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Ambrosia (short film)

The Story: A suicidal old lady plans to move out to the homeless, when she is followed by a scientist who says his age reversal drug can give her a "second chance". When he is killed for his formula, she finds a secret stash and goes on the run: now a murder suspect, on an unpredictable drug with one chance at the love of a lifetime.

We plan to raise a budget of £15,000, so please contact us if you would like to invest in this film.

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The Love Bus

The Story: A trial cure for infidelity causes mayhem for the inventor and his team as they test it disastrously in their own relationships and promote the drug from their California “Love Bus”.

  • Genre:Comedy 
  • Location: California 
  • Budget:Studio mid-budget
  • Script:By Sina Bowyer (108 pages)
  • Status: Film script available for option, with an additional treatment for a 6 part TV series. 


The Story: A kickboxer has both kidneys stolen in Thailand; and barely surviving stem cell surgery, he pieces clues from a Mafia girl, a doctor on death row and the ladyboy who drugged him… till a fight for love and life completes his revenge.

  • Genre:Martial Arts Thriller 
  • Location: Thailand 
  • Budget:$3,000,000 
  • Status: In development 


The Story: An oil magnate is kidnapped in London. A female journalist interviews eco-outlaw “Gabriel” in a treehouse. Turns out the magnate’s lead kidnapper lost her baby to oil pollution in the Niger Delta, and they want the oil boss to feel what it’s like to lose a daughter: the journalist held by Gabriel. It all hinges on a detonator that can only be disarmed by a critical phone call.

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Disclaimer: Portfolios are provided to acquaint the reader with Red Rug Productions and its film development slate. No warranty is given as to the accuracy, completeness, or achievability of the projections, views, statements or illustrations therein: these are based upon various assumptions and estimates with significant elements of subjective judgment; actual results could differ materially from those presented.

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CARL is a small time thief who seduces wealthy women to steal their valuables. He beds a villain’s wife, and when cops arrive in pursuit of the villain...



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